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  • Yes you should leave the door open to your front loading washing machine so your front bellows seal does not get moldy, maybe even dry it with a paper towel after use. If the front seal has black mold on it try bleach and water solution and rubber gloves and wipe it clean. I think whirlpool dot com explains this challenge best. Folks that only use cold water for washes complain a lot about that moldy musty smell from the inside of your washer, 1 hot load a week will keep those smells out of your washer machine. Now to clean your washer out 1 last time will help with the soap residue buildup from the soap not dissolving from only using cold water for washes.
  • Sometimes clients ask us which appliances do we recommend, and we say Whirlpool are our favorites. For front load washing machines, Whirlpool Duet. For top load washer machines, we like Inglis, Roper, Estate, anything whirlpool made. Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair Minneapolis - Saint Paul, anything whirlpool made.
  • We have Sears Washing Machine Repair, so do not wait any longer call us for fast same day service in the twin cities.
  • So you called for sears appliance repair first to only find you will wait a week or more for sears appliance Repair Man to Show. We have Sears Appliance Repair Today or even Sears Washer Repair today like Kenmore Washer Repair in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

Sears Kenmore Washer Repair Minneapolis-St Paul, MN.

Top Loader or Front Loader

 We service them all

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Whirlpool-Sears Kenmore Washer Repair Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN.

38 Years Experience in Whirlpool Washer Repair and Sears Kenmore Washer Repair, we understand how important your home washing machine is.

Your home is centered around your Clothes Washer Machine, many different makes this includes. We offer Whirlpool Duet Washer Repair, Sears Washer Repair, Kenmore Washer Repair, Whirlpool Duet front loading washing machine repair in Minneapolis - Saint Paul MN to name a few. When your Washing Machine in Minneapolis-St. Paul breaks down, it can leave you in a panic and you need someone reliable with experience to depend on for help. We offer comprehensive, fast clothes washer repair in the Twin Cities, MN. and surrounding areas. No matter how serious you think the problem is, chances are we have the right parts and tools to complete the job in our van the same day you call.

Services We Offer

We offer many repair services, with the ability to fix most repairs on the same day or in most cases 4 hour or less. We pride ourselves on excellent service and are very knowledgeable in the following fields for Whirlpool-Sears Kenmore Appliance Repair:

Whirlpool-Sears Kenmore-Refrigerator Repair

Whirlpool-Sears Kenmore-Freezer Repair

Whirlpool-Sears Kenmore-Ice maker Repair

Whirlpool-Sears Kenmore-Washer Repair

Whirlpool-Sears Kenmore-Dryer Repair

Whirlpool-Sears Kenmore-Oven Repair

To get an exact written quote on any of the above services, simply call us today. During business hours you will never encounter an automated message. We believe that when you call us, you are putting your trust in actual people and we want you to speak with our customer service representatives or local washer repairman firsthand. Tell us how we can help you and let us provide your solutions today.

                                                                                                Whirlpool Duet Washer Repair Minneapolis-St Paul, MN.

What You Can Expect From Us

We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. When you call us you will always receive our very best we know how with our 36 years experience. If we can't we will guide you in the correct direction. We reserve the right to refuse service to any one for any reason at anytime.

Prompt and Efficient Service

When you call us, we keep our appointments. Not only do we show up on time, but we always call first so when we arrive to your home it's not a surprise. If for any reason we will be late we call. Our technicians are highly skilled in the area of Major Home Appliance Repair and will be able to diagnose the problem shortly after arriving. Upon further investigation, if we find that the problem requires replacement parts that are uncommon or we do not have in the van, we will get them for you quickly and and we don't charge anything extra for the return visit. We really want you to tell a friend or call us again one day.

Expert Service and Care

Today's Whirlpool Duet-Sears Kenmore-front loading Washing Machines are built to be tough but they are not immune to experiencing minor malfunctions. We use genuine factory parts to repair your clothes washing machine to ensure that your washer will last you many more years. We advise you to avoid companies that do not use factory recommend parts as the quality of your repair will be significantly impacted. Saving a few dollars versus saving your appliance or giving it long life should be an easy decision.

Experienced in Repair

With us you can be assured that we are experienced in all Top-Front-Loading-Whirlpool-Duet-Kenmore Washer Repairs. Whether you are seeking a whirlpool washer repair or sears kenmore washer repair, the more advanced appliances with top of the line technology or an older appliance that you have owned for many years, we want you to know we can handle the job with our 36 years experience. Having the skills to fix all types of Washing Machines like Admiral, Roper, or Estate and yes even Inglis too, is an important factor to look for in an Clothes Washer Repair Service in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.

                              Which New Appliances Do You Purchase

I like Whirlpool appliances. Not something with a computer or mother board or even blinking lights. Just old fashioned and simple. Whirlpool appliances come under many different names, like Inglis, Estate, Sears, Kirkland, Roper, Admiral, Amana to name a few. The most dependable ,Washer or washing machines are listed here. For the fastest appliance repair service in Minneapolis - Saint Paul and the most affordable, these are the brands to take home. I think Appliance Smart has All these brands available. Get the washing machine home and level it up and don't overload it and keep the bleach out of it and it may last over 10 years.



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